Elias Grau
I'm a proactive and independent designer from Germany currently based in the vibrant East Village in New York City. I am pursuing an MFA in industrial design at Parsons School of Design and am passionate about crafting designs that tell a compelling story and forge meaningful connections with people. With four years of experience in communication, my expertise lies in industrial and communication design. I am eager to embark on exciting projects where I can bring my perspective and creativity to the forefront.
Alles mit dir
"Alles Mit Dir" means "all with you" in German. It's a functional shoulder strap inspired by charm bracelets, designed to easily hold your essentials like bags, lights, keys, and speakers, letting you express your style effortlessly.

As the Lead Designer and Creative Director of Singbird, a New York City startup focused on social networks and music software, I designed Singbird’s identity and UI/UX as well as graphics, animations, and communication collateral.

Universal Joint 
Aiming for furniture with easy disassembly into a flatpack for user-friendly assembly, I explored a universal joint for secure lightweight aluminum rod connections. This system enables a versatile construction of shelves and tables.

LIT is a distinctive lighting concept for beverages companies, subtly enhancing the customer experience from entering to exiting a venue. The soft glow aids menu reading and fosters meaningful connections, creating a memorable and subtle brand touchpoint.

Dibbern Lumen
together with Dibbern, the renowned Hamburg-based porcelain company, I designed the user manual and iconography for their new battery-powered table lamp, Lumen.

Glasses 02
Striving for protective yet stylish eyewear, I fused the functionality of ski goggles with the chic simplicity of sunglasses to enhance eye protection while maintaining a bold expression.

With TipsyControl, a Hamburg-based tech startup developing microchips, control elements, and user experiences for cordless products, I designed their corporate identity, including a logo to indicate the use of tipsyControl's technologies on third-party products.

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